Best Buyer’s Guide on Basketball Shoes

Basketball players love for the game produces a multitude of products, but unlike football or baseball, shoes are the mainstay of the sport’s merchandise wing.

This makes total sense, as basketball players rely on their foot support more than  (just about) any other domestic sports performers (second only to soccer).

With the strong financial backing of corporate sponsors, it’s clear why shoes become the focal point for brands looking to piggy-back off the success of professional athletes. While this is great for those performers, if you’re in the market for a pair of basketball shoes, you want to make sure this deal benefits you too.

  1. Adidas D. Lillard 2.0

lillard 2.0

The only thing cooler than the way the multi-directional outsole looks on these, is the actual price of the shoes. Coming in at only $105, anyone who knows basketball shoes knows that this is very much on the low side of the price spectrum.

While the shoe itself doesn’t come with any fancy bells and whistles, the internet is rife with reviewers and bloggers that say that the man, Damian Lillard, himself wanted it that way so as to keep the shoes more affordable for the average consumer.

Continental rubber (which is basically tire rubber) was used on the outsole. This is a feature of many Adidas offerings, and is used to help with traction on the court, because hey, who doesn’t want their shoes made out of the same rubber that comes standard on a Ferrari.

Overall traction was good for the Lillard 2.0 series, but one thing that stuck out for many reviewers thus far was the collection of dust due to the actual pattern of the rubber outsole.

Lines/indents were many, and were placed so close together that dust collected rather fast. This immediately takes away from any kind of traction unless you continue to wipe down the shoe to clean the dust off.

The D. Lillard 2s also come with Adidas’ Bounce cushion across the full length of the shoe. This makes them great for those who have a hard impact on the court when jumping or jogging. They’re also one of the only shoes who give cushion across the full length of the shoe in this price range.

Up top the shoe is held together by woven jacquard. Light and aesthetically pleasing, one well-known video reviewer on YouTube mentioned that this is the same material Nike and Jordan brands use on their shoes which retail for anywhere between $175-225.

One interesting thing to note as well is that the TPU heel and lacing system work in tandem to keep your foot locked in place without the feeling of restriction. You get the support from the heel and the laces up front keep a tight midfoot which further pulls your foot back into place.

Another note on fit: these run slightly longer and wide, and many people report that if you’re going to purchase, try out about half a size below your norm.

Overall these are a great shoe for the price, with the only major con being the dust factor due to the outsole pattern.

  1. Nike KD 9

kd 9

Nike’s KD 9 shoe comes with promises only a brand like Nike can stand behind with utmost confidence: extreme responsiveness, incredible fit, locked-down support, and more. They have their branding so tightly locked that, in seeing these value propositions, you wouldn’t even bat an eye and probably just cop the shoes without thought.

While we encourage you NOT to do that, if you were to blindly purchase these, it probably wouldn’t be a bad move.

Following the lead of the Lebron 10s and KD 6 Elites, the KD 9s feature full length cushion coming from the holy grail of cushion, Zoom Air. This cushion setup has been written about and fawned over to the sky and back so we won’t go into it in too much detail.

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